Non-Conformance Demo for WCAG 2.1 & WCAG 2.2 Success Criterion 1.1.1 Non-text Content (Level A)

1.1.1 Non-Conformance Shown with Non-Technical Explanation

WCAG 2.2 Success Criteria can be compared to a famous book on English grammar.

During screen reader testing, JAWS version 18 and NVDA version 2020.1 each recognized there was an unlabeled graphic. Because it is not a decorative image, it needs sufficiently descriptive alternative text for the label. If it were a decorative image, it would need a label screen readers would ignore.

1.1.1 Non-Conformance HTML Markup and Technical Details

The following HTML markup occurs on line 31 of this page:

<img src="elementsofstyle.jpg" class="nondecorative">

Automated accessibility checkers detect the presence of the img tag and the src required attribute and can detect the presence or absence of the required alt attribute. In this case, the alt attribute is missing. Because the automated checkers can only verify the presence or absence of markup, the sufficiency of the alternative text for non-decorative images or absence of text for decorative images in the alt attribute must be manually checked.

This fails Accessibility Conformance Testing Rule Image has non-empty accessible name.